TJ Crow

Projects and Talks from School

K so, these are just links from my page at school.

Calculus with Infinitesimals
This is my main work on infinitesimals. A lot of it is based around the idea of an augmented textbook.

Counter Cultural Calculus
This is an informal presentation of infinitesimals and their history.

To Bruce on Hatcher
Here's a random paper I wrote on infinitesiamls. It's a response to another paper, Hatcher paper, that was requested by my colleague Bruce. This is a page about filters from the Goldblatt text that's referred to in my paper, Filters, Goldblatt page 15.

Analysis of Metaphors
Applying relational analysis to metaphors which themselves are metaphors used in teaching math. Interesting work.

Quant Seminar
This was a blast. Had about 6 students and we learned the math behind being a Quantatative Analysist on Wall Street.

Python Seminar
This was also big fun with students.  We had a two session seminar on introducing the Python computer programming language.

Paradox Explained
This is also work on metaphors and shows how common paradoxes are easily explained in terms of interacting metaphors.

The Magic of Calculus
Without a doubt, the craziest math thing I've ever done.