TJ Crow

11 Eggrolls - Chris Dammann

This is the 7/4 tune of Chris' that I had such a hard time with at the gig despite the best efforts of Chris who played a hi-hat simulation with his teeth throughout the whole thing. Here's the Sheet Music.

11 Eggrolls - 154 bpm piano
Here's a slower backup. Nicer too without the drums. And with the off beats on beat numbers 2, 5, and 7. where they belong. Right, Chris?

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11 Eggrolls - 184 bpm backup loop
Here's the first one that seemed too fast. And the feel is all wrong with the offbeats in the wrongs places.

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Sri Rama Mama - TJ Crow

Inspired by 11 Eggrolls, I threw this together as a 5/4 12 bar blues after our first rehearsal. It has vocals which are not heard here. It's a blues about a girlfriend who's always meditating.

Sri Rama Mama - piano & drums

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Ken Project - Hutton, Crow, Gagnon

This was put together back in 2003 by Ken Hutton on electric drums, myself on guitars and duet-muted-mandos, and Jim Gagnon on didgeridoo. This project in turn led to the Cville group called Yogatron, the only other group I've been in that had a tabla player.

Ken Project

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