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The Rorty Audio Libray

The Rorty Audio Library on Google Drive


Here are couple audio files I hosted locally...

Rorty & Dennett - Rorty & Dennett.mp3
Here's one of my favorites, one of the first ones I collected. Rorty's "leveling down" of science is delivered in such offhanded gruffness that it must be admired. Dennett plays a scientistic foil to Rorty's post-mod Kuhnian.

Rorty & Davidson - Rorty & Davidson.mp3
A charming conversation between the two philosophers.  Also one of my favorites.

Not Reading Rorty

These papers have been recently "published" on the facebook page Philosophy of Pragmatism.  They are (no surprise) a defense of Richard Rorty.

Not Reading Rorty - TJ Crow 2014

A response to Susan Haack's paper called Vulgar Rortyisms.

Response to Adam in 15 Pieces - TJ Crow 2014

A response to Adam's response to Not Reading Rorty.

Response to Wayne - TJ Crow 2014

A response to Wayne's response to Not Reading Rorty.

Richard Rorty Fan Club

Is there one? The closest thing out there is on Facebook at Philosophy of Pragmatism